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How it Works

Use your BandPay Project Link to promote your business across the web or via SMS and you’ll be able to receive, negotiate and confirm project offers with the BandPay app.

Create Agreement Outline the dates, deliverables and dollar amounts (USD) for each project milestone.

We Secure Funds From The ClientThe client deposits project funds into BandPay to get the project started.

Complete Work & Get Paid Payments are sent to you automatically as project milestones are completed.

We Guarantee Payment

Completing the project is your job, making sure you get paid is ours. We’ve partnered with Stripe to make sure your payments are fast and secure with minimal fees. Once the project is complete, we guarantee available funds.

“A revolutionary tool for project-based artists of all mediums”

Dave Pensado
Grammy-Award Winning Mix Engineer

“My job is a visual designer, not a business manager. BandPay lets me focus on the real work and on-board new clients quickly”

Madison Coviello
Freelance Visual Designer