Best Online Music Distributors

May 21, 2020

After all of the hard work, the countless hours and sleepless nights you've put into becoming a master producer, it's time to get your craft into the hands of your fans and your fans-to-be.

Distribution is an integral part of this process and can stunt your growth if you don’t have one.

Here are five of the best online music distributors:

United Masters

United Masters offers its distribution channel for free to artists and will deliver your music to over 30 stores and streaming platforms that include YouTube and Spotify. However, artists should know that United Masters will take their cut off the backend.

Ten percent of the profit from your downloads and streams will go back to the company, but the bonus is that if you’re paying them it means you’re getting paid too. You’ll also have access to an analytics dashboard which is great for identifying your target audience. Knowing your target audience is crucial to saving time and money on where you’re advertising your music.

Spinn Up

Universal Music Group owns this independent record label, Spinn Up. Artists pay a fee starting at $9.99 USD to release a single track, and Spinn Up will deliver your music to over 44 stores and streaming services.

They offer special artist features and a dashboard to track the demographics of your listeners while keeping 100% of your rights and royalties. Since they’re owned by Universal Music Group, top performers will have their tracks sent to the A&R team for a chance to get discovered.


An annual fee starting around $25 USD gives artists an unlimited number of track releases that Ditto will distribute to over 200 stores and streaming platforms. They offer different packages that cater to the various stages of an artist’s career.

Users are also able to track their audience and sales while retaining their rights and royalties with 24-hour artist support.

CD Baby

With over 150 streaming opportunities at the artist’s fingertips, CD Baby offers data tracking and key geographical information for its members. The catch is it will cost at least $9.95 USD per single and 15% of the artist’s royalties.


Convenience in the digital age was taken into consideration with Amuse. Artists can have their music on all of the music platforms that matter to them from Spotify to Google Music to iTunes. One of the best features is that it can all be done from the company’s app. It’s free to use and users can collect their royalties as soon as the music stores pay them out.  Artists are able to track their analytics and sales through the Amuse app as well.

When collaborating with other artists to create a fresh beat to distribute, use BandPay to keep things professional. You will be able to create an agreement while depositing money in the app that will be released once each part of the agreement is completed.