Best Practices For Releasing Music During Quarantine

May 21, 2020

The state of the world as it is has left many with more time on their hands.

Whether you’re a creative or someone who consumes the arts, there’s been an upswing in digital media purchases. Now’s the time to let your music play a part in this historical moment.

Industry professionals recently told Billboard Magazine, delaying music releases until touring can resume could potentially have a negative effect. People want to be comforted, distracted, entertained; all in the name of taking their minds off of current events.

What better way to pass the time than to listen to new artists or new music? So what’s the best way to release music during quarantine?

Here are a few ideas:

Show the Process

People are taking free classes in the thousands. They’re taking up hobbies and new interests like never before. There’s a curiosity behind the creative process and if you show a portion of that you can draw fans in and make them want to hear whatever’s new.

Think about posting videos that show the beat coming together with the words written down or how they form a bar of the song with a snippet of the final product.

Do that for 2-3 weeks or less to drum up interest and when it’s time to release the record, you’ll have an eager fanbase waiting to snatch it up.

Live Stream

Artists can stream older music until they reach the new record. Fans like to see the progression of an artist’s creativity and talent. By streaming the craft in process, it gives them a sense of being apart of the process.

If you have a lengthier catalog, you can also post a live stream comparing your new music to the old music and truly enforce that saying, “Your Only Competition Is Yourself.”

Preview Releases

Another approach to releasing music during quarantine is to release snippets of the song to get fans hyped for the release. Come up with a hashtag and let a fan do a TIK TOK challenge to the 30-second clip. Give your music the chance to go viral before the entire song is even out. You can even set the release to a funny GIF and fans will want to know what the song is.

As you can see, there is a wealth of ideas that don’t break the bank when it comes to releasing music during the quarantine. If you make music or perform for clients, make sure they use an app like BandPay to make working on any new collaborations as easy as it is to release new music during the quarantine.