BandPay FAQ

  • BandPay is a milestone-based payment system that helps creative people come to and stick to agreements.
  • It’s available as an iOS and Android app. We designed BandPay to fit easily into the way musicians and other creative pros do things, keeping the app simple, perfect for mobile, and easy to use.
  • BandPay is part of the PAYMNT family. We’ve launched BandPay first because, as music professionals, we love the music community and know there’s a need for better agreement and payment approaches.
  • With BandPay, you’re not just sending money and hoping you get what you paid for. When you and your collaborators arrange a transaction via BandPay, the money involved is attached to an agreement with milestones and deadlines that everyone signs off on. BandPay secures the funds and as milestones are met, funds are released. It reduces the stress for everyone, because you know the money’s there and you know it won’t be paid until the work is done right.
  • We know agreements can be challenging at times. That’s why we’ve included a dispute resolution process right in the app, to bring people back to the table to work things out. You have somewhere to go if things get complicated. That’s unique to BandPay.
  • BandPay is free for anyone sending money.
  • If you receive or request money through BandPay we charge either 8% of your agreement amount or $10 (whichever is greater).

At this time BandPay only operates in the United States. We are planning to expand in the near future.


We accept any non-prepaid US Debit Cards.

A milestone is a measurable moment in a project where certain tasks are completed or services rendered by a set deadline. For example, a final mix for your single delivered a month before the release date, a week-long social media promotional campaign for a live stream series, or a guitar line or vocal performance that needs to be in the can by next week… those are all milestones that collaborators can incorporate into a BandPay agreement. Once a milestone is reached, funds linked to that milestone are released to the payee.