How To Get Over Anxiety When Performing Live

March 13, 2020

Public speaking is scary for most people, but what happens when you have to add music and coordination?
The anxiety associated with giving a live performance can be so crippling that it prevents some artists from hitting the stage altogether even if making music is their passion.

Skipping live performances is not an option for most artists, especially newcomers trying to bolster their popularity to sell records. The bread and butter for many artists don’t come from record sales or radio play but from touring.

People want to see their favorite artists on tour or in concert. According to Rolling Stone, “Live events are quickly shaping up to be the most lucrative space for musicians in the digital-music era, and for good reason: as listeners become inundated with cheap access to music provided by streaming services, dedicated music fans crave more intimate experiences with their favorite artists.”

If you experience stage fright, set a gameplan in motion to curb your anxiety for giving a live performance. Set specific milestones to mark your progress and slowly reduce your fear.

Here are some possible milestones you can set:

Small Audiences

Many artists begin playing for close family and friends to showcase their talents. Whether it’s to reveal a new song or test some different beats, playing music in front of loved ones can ease the anticipation of performing.

Small Venues 

A cafe, bar or open mic night where artists can perform short sets builds your courage. If you make your appearance a routine, around the same time and day weekly or monthly, you can also build a fanbase since the audience will begin to expect your show around the same time and can bring others to enjoy the music.


Once your performance is expected and your fanbase grows, you may be asked to play for private events like birthday parties. Getting through a slightly longer set with a still small audience will help you ease into the next step of your stage performance career.

Private Performances

Playing for managers, agents, and other talent scouting professionals should be on the priority list of any artist. Unfortunately, with future contracts and career decisions riding on this, anxiety can take a turn for the worse. That’s why it’s best to get comfortable playing for friends, family, and strangers at small gigs before you jump to this step. You’ll be gaining confidence all along the way, which will carry itself into your performance for industry executives!

Social Media Live Performance

Performing a live stream on any social media platform allows people who don’t have local access to your local performances to hear your beats and lyrics live without having to spend money on travel. You can expect that there may be some criticism. Take the feedback to better your performance, ignore the hate, and keep pushing forward until you’re ready for the big stage!

Anxiety and stage fright can feel scary however, small adjustments can help you gain confidence and become more comfortable in the spotlight. While your on stage showcasing your new-found confidence, allow BandPay to work behind the scenes to ensure that your hard work is recognized and paid properly with guaranteed funds.