Tips on Pushing Out Fresh Beats

June 5, 2020

The problem that often arises for many creatives is that all too familiar creative block. What happens when the process becomes dull and mundane? What if you're new to making beats and don't know how to push yourself? What if you're just stuck?

There are a few things you can try that will help you push out fresh beats.

Here are some tips:

Free Play

Try selecting a random sound to get you started, toss in another, and set the cadence. You can speed it up, or slow it down, but once you get going, inspiration won’t be too far behind. Don’t think about the structure or how long it’s supposed to be, or what it’s supposed to sound like, just play freely and the rest will flow.

Don’t Get Distracted

Sometimes pushing out fresh beats can be as simple as turning off the television or laptop. It can mean getting away from other people and shutting off your devices.

Creativity can strike in moments of solace and tranquility. Meditation helps with clearing the mind and focusing on the task ahead to avoid being distracted.


If you know any other producers or follow some pretty famous ones, you can challenge yourself by listening to something they’ve created or referenced and compete against them.

Steel sharpens steel.

Use the talent of others to motivate you to strengthen your own craft. Whether the competition is in your head or actually in real life where the other producer knows it’s a race is something to consider. It would be a nice way to cross-promote your talents and someone else’s. You can put together a showcase where the freshest beats compete.

Back to the Basics

How did you learn to make a beat? What was the first time like? Do you remember any of the exercises you did to put together that first piece of your musical career? Get back to the basics.

The fundamentals of pushing out fresh beats may have been simple when you first started and as you upgrade your equipment and techniques, the creative process changed for you along the way. Sometimes it’s best to strip back everything you learned and start from scratch. When ready to push out the new fresh beat, keep things professional, and collaborate with other creatives using BandPay.

Start from the beginning and find that spark that made you fall in love with the process.